About us

The Magnet is a community of young professionals at Tata Steel Europe. It is a company wide network that offers a variety of events ranging from international trips and conferences to local events. Members of the Magnet benefit by shared learning, meet other colleagues, socialize and expand their network beyond their department and Tata Steel.

Magnet Symposium is an annual event organized by the Magnet for young professionals from Tata Steel Europe and other multinationals. This event brings together more than 250 participants from different fields of work and provides a nice opportunity to dive into a business buzz topic with inspiring speakers.

If you have any questions regarding the event, please send an email to: info@magnetsymposium.nl

The Team

Carlet Hoes

Chair carlet.hoes@tatasteel.com

Marije Dijksma

External communications marije.dijksma@tatasteel.com

Elmer van Ewijk

Website and Promotion elmer.van-ewijk@tatasteel.com

Thade Kuiters

Finance and Catering thade.kuiters@tatasteel.com

Pieterbas Hendriksma

Event and Speakers pieterbas.hendriksma@tatasteel.com

Matthijs Machielsen

Event and Speakers matthijs.machielsen@tatasteel.com